Having realized the exigency of needy and unreached lot of our Kashmiri brethren the “Society for upliftment of Kashmir” has come to fore with the motive of extending Medical /Dental help to people inhabiting non-accessible areas of our society.

The society is for the people by the people and of course with the people. Time and again our team, comprising of experts, belonging to almost all fields of Medicine/Surgery and Dentistry, is leaving no stone unturned to address to the need based requirements of the people, who really deserve help, but are away from it, owing to one reason or the other.

In the endeavor of making the functioning of society effective and get to the doorstep of the beneficiaries, I fervently appeal all the humanitarian people and other philanthropic organizations to join, support and donate generously for this noble cause and enable us to serve the poor and the marginalized people in a better way .

I welcome anybody and everybody whosoever is interested to join us for identification of the areas which are in need of such Medical and Dental help.


  1. Keep doing the great job with prayerful heart and God will perform His great miracles to realize you noble objectives. God bless!

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