The broader Aims and Objectives of the Organization include:                                          


  • To improve the overall health and rehabilitate physically challenged people and  perform other health related work in the community.

To set up rehabilitation centers in unsupported remote areas of Kashmir incorporating services such as Medical and Dental care, Physiotherapy, Audio-visual therapy and Nutritional support.


    • Greater emphasis will be laid on serving Medical, Dental Care along with the provision of facilities like Physiotherapy, Ultra-sonography and fitting of Audio-visual aids compiled with Nutritional Requirements of beneficiaries. This task will be accomplished with the help of MOBILE CLINIC having access to remote areas.


    • To conduct preliminary awareness programs through camps, services and other interactions. All these programs will be result in a assessment report which will be available to other bodies as well as helping our organization monitor its program priorities.


    • DSC02309To provide intensive standard therapy for the disabilities like mental retardation, cerebral palsy, spastic autism, handicapped and down syndrome along with all necessary medical interventions all under a safe hand. Provision for rehabilitation equipment like wheel chair especially made bicycle and tricycle,Walker, hearing aids, symbol board, special and basic education stationery for the physically challenged people will also be ensured.


    • To facilitate with the appropriate bodies that quality professional medical treatment is carried out for cleft lip and palate patients and other cranio-facial anomalies disfiguring them.


    •  To reach out to the underprivileged sections of the society and provide dental treatment to them either free or at a nominal cost and impart and educate them through dental awareness programmes for the maintenance of good oral hygiene.


    •  To develop community- based strategies and processes to address the problems of malnutrition and early childhood care. Wide campaigning regarding awareness and provision of nutritional care will also be made frequently.


  • To provide free medicine to the needy who will be identified through awareness programs like seminars, interactive sessions and assessments along with one to one contacts.