Dental Assessment at Raahat-Manzil (Orphanage House)

Dr.Aijaz Malik ,Mr. Denis and Dr.Masood shah

Dr.Bhupinder Singh Bali and Dr. Masood Shah representing Uplift Kashmir joined other members of the Indian Dental Association Srinagar branch(Dr.Aijaz Malik,

Dr.Mudasir khan and Dr.Nazia) to carry out a dental assessment program for the children at Raahat-Manzil(Orphanage house) situated at Bemina (Srinagar).

Raahat Manzil  was set up by volunteers(under the auspices of the Muslim Welfare Society,J&K) to look after children who had lost their father. In past times natural disasters such as floods,earthquakes and famine might have created conditions where the family were unable to support their children.The number of children in need increased dramatically in the conflict years since 1990 leading to large expansion of this orphanage.


Dr. Aijaz Malik(left) with patient and on the right Dr. Mudasir khan and Dr. Nazia

The team examined over 200 children and those who need immediate treatment have been put under consideration to get their treatment done within this month in the clinics run by those dentists who participated in this camp. Some dental hygiene training followed by the distribution of dental aids in the form of toothpastes and mouthwashes supplied by Abbot Laboratories and other pharmaceutical companies.




Dr. Masood shah Examining the patient and Dr. Bhopinder Singh Bali

So many of the children needed dental treatment not just fillings but root canal work and extractions. It was quickly decided that the most effective way of correcting this problem was to treat a selection of boys in this next month. Groups of boys say 5 at a time will  go to the clinics of each of the dentists where they will receive free treatment and more intensive lessons on dental health care.





This is a very new initiative and if successful will be extended to the rest of the children in the coming months. Everyone seemed enthusiastic about this approach and we will report in coming months how successful the Dental Association was using this approach.